Discover Majuli Island

Majuli is a deeply alluring and very rural destination, with a way of life far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern India. Your itinerary is flexible and you can come with a suitable itinerary in discussion with your guide. A typical day on the island would involve learning more about its arts and crafts: for instance discovering the local method of pottery-making, without the use of wheel – pottery is made from beaten clay and burnt in driftwood fired kilns, a traditional method which has been passed down from the ancient Harappan civilization. Alternatively, you may meet with local artisans to learn more about the production of their striking masks made of clay, bamboo, and cloth.  A trip to Majuli should also involve taking in at least one or two of its' famous 'satras': monasteries devoted to Vishnu, and central to religious life of the local people. You could also hire bikes to explore the flat and low-lying expanse of the island, or spend time spotting some of its' 100 species' of native birdlife.

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