Mongolian Cooking

When visiting nomadic families you will receive the most authentic and traditional Mongolian cuisine either whilst you are staying overnight or just stopping by for lunch.  As you can imagine, ingredients are strictly what is available at the time but what you may be surprised by is how fresh these and the dishes you eat will be.  Typically, breakfast includes a mix of homemade butter, clotted cream and yoghurt with fresh Mongolian pancakes or rice porridge all washed down with steaming bowls of salted milk tea.  Here is the best time to sample Mongolias many milk products, the origin of which will depend on the animals the family raises which could be cow, yak, camel, sheep or goat. Staple dishes include Tsuivan (Mongolian stir-fry with homemade noodles), Buuz (steamed Mongolian dumplings) and Huushuur (the Mongolian answer to a pasty).  If you are interested in learning some Mongolian cooking skills your guide can arrange for you to help with the food preparations whilst staying with a nomadic family. Some of the greatest insights and memories are made as you sit on stools crimping buuz alongside the women of the family.

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