Naadam Festival in Ulaan Baatar

Mongolia’s legendary Naadam Festival takes place over a 3 day period in mid-July each year (11-15 July 2022 & 2023) and showcases the very best in wrestling, archery and horse riding that the country has to offer. The modern day festival has its roots in the ancient skills that Chinggis Khan’s Mongol hordes had to master in the 12th & 13th centuries. In days of old expertise in archery, wrestling and horse riding was paramount for any self-respecting warrior. These days, participants display their skills out of a love for the traditional sports, that have become national obsessions, rather than with a view to entering the army! The colourful festivities take place all over the country but the truly spectacular main tournament takes place in Ulaan Baatar’s National Sports Stadium.

Everyone gets dressed up for the occasion and enjoys time off with the family watching sports, perhaps having a flutter on the races and getting stuck in to some airag (fermented horse milk - the national drink). Naadam is a great time to be in Mongolia and provides a chance to see the country at its most energetic and vibrant. If you have every thought of visiting this fantastically scenic country then this is the time to go. Itineraries can easily be created that allow you time to see the country’s natural wonders and also witness the incredible festival that is Naadam.

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