Kayak around Vang Vieng

The Nam Song River at Vang Vieng is home to some of the most captivating scenery in Laos. For the more actively minded person a great way to explore this region is by taking a kayaking trip on the Nam Song. 

Start at the Khmu village of Vieng Samay, about 10 km north of Vang Vieng, where there will be a brief introduction to the basics of kayaking and the conditions on the Nam Song River. The adventure then begins with a few small but fun rapids on the way to the first stop at the cave of Tham Nam Thaem. This cave cuts straight through the mountain, and you emerge on the other side of the range for panoramic views of the Nam Kouang valley. A trek over a small pass leads up to a Lao style picnic lunch on the riverside. The next paddle stop is at the Organic Farm, where mulberry tea and a variety of fruit wines are produced. Further downstream lies the Tham Non Cave which is one of the biggest in Vang Vieng and served as a rescue shelter for the villagers during the Second Indochina War. The final leg is a gentle paddle returning to Vang Vieng.

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