Saigon After-Dark Vespa Tour

A foodie tour on the back of a Vespa in the early evening is the perfect way to explore this exciting city. The tour reveals the city's culinary secrets, taking you to see and taste exotic foods and brews in Saigon's authentic nightspots. First, your Vespa driver / tour guide will stop at a small shop with a reputation of selling the best “Banh Mi” in town. Choose your own stuffed Banh Mi then proceed to a small coffee shop where you can enjoy a drink before continuing your ride through busy streets and alleys, witnessing the local life at night. Continue on to a vendor selling authentic Banh Xeo. Enjoy interacting with your Vespa driver and other locals while trying this Vietnamese specialty. Another habit of Saigonese at night is eating seafood and your night wouldn’t be complete without tasting some local seafood at a hidden “Oc” (seafood) vendor located away from the busy city. Before reaching this place, you will pass the city's downtown which is very lively at night, see youngsters out enjoying the evening on Nguyen Hue Walking Boulevard and the numerous colourful stores along the streets. After enjoying some seafood, the tour will take you to a dessert place to enjoy some fresh Vietnamese sweets. On the way you will pass a historic complex which is very lively and busy at night with hundreds of local vendors. Your driver will then take you to a hidden Vietnamese style pub to enjoy a cup of local beer before finishing with a visit to an acoustic bar. Stop here for a drink or two and enjoy the music before being transferred back to your hotel.

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