Visit a Tibetan Settlement

This experience gives you the unique opportunity to visit a Tibetan settlement situated on the outskirts of Pokhara. The settlement was established in the early 1960’s after the Chinese invasion of Tibet and offers a safe place for Tibetan refugees during these still turbulent times. Whilst you explore the settlement you will have the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of the realities of a life in exile and to see for yourself the amazing resilience of the Tibetan people. Alongside these first hand experiences there is also a photo gallery documenting how the camp was first established, and an arts and craft section with a demonstration of how traditional Tibetan carpets are made. Perhaps one of the highlights of the day is that you will have the opportunity to partake in a simple but traditional homemade Tibetan lunch with a local family, and learn a little more about life in the community.

A fundamental aspect of Tibetan life is the ancient religion of Buddhism, and today you will have the opportunity to meet a Buddhist monk and learn about their monastic life and daily studies in the monastery as well as the importance of Buddhism with Tibetan culture.

Once you have explored this truly fascinating settlement you will, time permitting, have the chance to attend a group Pooja (chanting) to hear the horns, drums, conch shell, trumpet and bells accompanying the prayers.  As well as a first-hand look at this truly unique Tibetan tradition, there will also be the chance to have tea with a local family and taste more Tibetan food including tsampa (roasted barley flour), butter tea and Tibetan bread.

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