Explore Delft Island

From Kurikadduvan jetty in Jaffna, catch the navy operated ferry to Delft Island. The ferry journey takes around 30 minutes to reach the island which is just 50 square kilometres in size and is surrounded by shallow waters. Locally-hired transport will take you on an excursion on the bumpy roads around the island. Roots of the Dutch era are still clearly visible with scattered ruins of the Dutch Fort and Court House located in the grounds of Delft Hospital. This hospital plays an important role in the lives of the islanders as snake-bites are responsible for a high number of fatalities here. On the tour you will also see a giant hollow 'baobab tree' big enough for about five people to stand comfortably in its cavity, the old stables of the Dutch era and 'giant foot prints' which Hindus refer to as the foot prints of Lord Hanuman (the monkey god of Ramayana mythology). Other sites include ancient Buddhist ruins at one end of the island and to the west of the island temple ruins that were designed in South Indian Chola style. You may also see a pigeon house designed by the Portuguese, when pigeons were used as a mode of communication, and groups of wild ponies as you travel around. After the sightseeing you can have lunch at the missionary school before making your way back to Jaffna.

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