Phuket's culinary culture

Learn about Phuket's culinary culture with a night tour of Phuket Old Town. The first stop on this food sojourn is Sapan Hin. This recreational park is filled with abundant food carts that sell local delicacies. Start your culinary journey with local specialities such as Thai curried fish custard, grilled chicken, and mixed spicy salad. For the more adventurous there are fried insects too! Make a short stop at the Sapan Hin Chinese shrine named ‘Giew Tian Geng', an important Chinese temple. Next savour one of Phuket’s ancient dishes named O-Tao. This famous hot dish is a fried oyster, or seafood dish, prepared with eggs, flour, bean sprouts and taro root. Afterwards move onto your dessert by trying sweet Roti pancake, then let your food settle with a short walk around pretty Phuket Old Town.

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