Street food tour in Hanoi

Explore Hanoi's culture through a fascinating street food tour with a local chef. The tour begins with an introduction to the local food scene over a hearty bowl of pho noodle soup, the quintessential Hanoi street food, before heading to a local market to experience the sights and sounds of an authentic daily scene. Your chef guide will demystify the local produce, and encourage you to taste some of its most exotic ingredients. A further 5 venues are included in the tour, all featuring different Vietnamese specialities, and allowing you to taste a range of foods and flavours. The tour will last around 4 hours in total and all travel between venues is by car or on foot. Finish the experience with a typical Vietnamese ca phe, or che  (Vietnamese tea) and local sweets, with a stop at one of the Old Quarter’s busiest (yet smallest) coffee shops for a well-earned sit down and coffee.

An alternative take on this popular tour is following in the footsteps of Hanoi's famous visitors. Try the newly named 'Bun Cha Obama' (grilled pork and noodles) in the street food restaurant where President Obama & Anthony Bourdain had dinner, and visit a roadside cafe in Hanoi’s Old Quarter where Prince William enjoyed a cup of coffee. Your guide will tell interesting stories along the way about recent start-ups
in Hanoi, explain about the local food scene, and show how to order and eat dishes like a local.

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