Celebrate Songkran

Thai New Year, or Songkran, is a special occasion in the middle of April (13-15 April 2018) when the whole of Thailand takes a break for a few days to catch up with family and friends and rejoice at the start of a new year. The origins of Songkran stem from ancient Brahmins in India for whom April was the start of Spring, a time of new life and the beginning of a new annual cycle. The Thais borrowed this concept and created the festival we now know as Songkran to usher in their new year. This annual festival is probably most famous for the water splashing that takes place around the country and for colourful processions that take place in many cities, most notably Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Songkran is an interesting time to be Thailand to observe festive traditions such as making merit and temple visits and to enjoy the celebratory atmosphere that permeates throughout the land. However visitors should be prepared to get very wet as foreigners are not spared the soakings that are dished out. However quite often the dousings are very welcome as it is usually very hot at this time of year. 

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