Nam Nern Night Safari

Located in the highlands of Northern Laos, the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area is a biodiversity hotspot and home to some of Southeast Asia’s most endangered species. The Nam Nern Night Safari is a pioneering Ecotourism project that offers an adventurous 24-hour experience to search for wildlife in this upland forest and learn about the conservation efforts undertaken by the local stakeholders in cooperation with the Wildlife Conversation Society. Visitors travel by boat travelling up the Nam Nern River to a permanent camp set up in the protected area, where they will be looked after by local villagers.

The highlight of the trip is a barbecue dinner with bonfire under the stars, followed by an exciting river safari after nightfall. Cruising with the engines off through the dense jungle, with just torchlight and the sounds of nature to keep you company, is surely an experience not to be forgotten! Animals that might be seen include sambar deer, otters, barking deer, various species of civets, loris, porcupine and owls. The park is also the last remaining place where you can find wild tigers in Laos, however you shouldn’t expect to see tigers on the safari because their habitat is away from the river.

Accommodation on the Nam Et Nern Night Safari is in the form of traditional bamboo huts in the forest at the remote Ranger's Substation, which is only accessible by boat. Mosquito nets, mattresses, sheets and blankets are provided. Both Western and Lao bathrooms are shared, and a simple shower is available, although bathing in the river is also possible in the warm season. The ecolodge was constructed by the villagers using local materials and recycled wood.

This is an award-winning Ecotourism project that provides education and an alternative income source to those who may have previously hunted in the protected area. Almost all the guides, porters and boatmen come from the surrounding villages, and women provide handicraft, cooking and cleaning services. In addition to salaries, bonuses are paid to employees working on the tour for all wildlife encounters which include direct sightings, animal calls, footprints and scat. To encourage conservation efforts, greater incentives are provided for sightings of rarer species.

This experience is part of our Project Protect Pledge. See here for more details -

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