Come face to face with a Sri Lankan Leopard

Although found in Africa and other parts of Asia, the Leopard is one of the rarest of all big cats and is famously difficult to spot when on safari. Whilst still elusive, Sri Lanka’s leopard population has been rising in recent years and including a game drive in a national park in your tour of Sri Lanka gives you a very good chance of seeing one of these marvellous animals. Wilpattu National Park and Yala National Park are the largest and most famous for spotting leopards, but good sightings are also possible in other parks such as Kumana, Wasgamuwa and the Sinharaja Forest Reserve.

Staying in a hotel or a tented camp on the edge of one of these national parks and being taken game drives by one of the excellent local trackers we work with is an experience not to be missed. For keen wildlife photographers visiting Yala, we can also arrange a photographic safari, operated by the expert team at the Ceylon Wild Safaris camp.

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