Meet Sri Lanka’s Sea Turtles

Sri Lanka is home to green, loggerhead, hawksbill, olive ridley and leatherback turtles, five out of the seven species of Sea Turtle in the world, and there are some great spots around the coast that we can take you to see and learn more about these marvellous creatures.

The best place on the island to see sea turtles coming ashore to lay eggs is Rekawa, home to the Rekawa Turtle Watch, a special turtle conservation project. A peaceful stretch of sandy coastline where turtles can lay their eggs safely before heading back into the sea. In the evenings, visitors can be guided onto the beach by a local volunteer to see the turtles. There are a number of hotels nearby Rekawa Beach , including Buckingham Place or you can stay a few kilometres away in Coco Tangalla or other Tangalle hotels and private villas and the best time of year to see the turtles is from April to July.

Turtles can also be spotted on other beaches along the south coast and up the west coast, included Mirissa (also famous for whale and dolphin watching) and Hikkaduwa.

The Turtle Hatchery at Kosgoda is well worth stopping at if you are making your way north up the coast from Galle to Colombo. The hatchery is located on another popular turtle beach near Induruwa and has an interesting visitor centre where sea turtles are taken in and protected.

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