Majuli may at first appear indistinguishable from the myriad low-lying sandbanks of the Brahmaputra River. It is, however, the largest river island on the Subcontinent: an expanse of some 452 sq km carpeted by rice paddies and watering holes, dotted with hyacinth blossoms, and a cradle of un-touched Assamese tribal culture. There is very little tourist infrastructure on the island, with accommodation in extremely simple lodges and access to the island only available but local public ferries. Your stay will be rustic and unpolished, but extremely memorable; visitors can expect to learn a great deal about rural lifestyle, an ancient arts and crafts culture, and perhaps - if lucky - take in a colourful local ceremony. Majuli is most definitely a 'go now' destination: the Brahmaputra swallows up large chunks of land mass every rainy season - the island is predicted to disappear entirely within the next couple of decades.

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