House of Shambhala

The House of Shambhala is a traditional Tibetan guesthouse located in a quiet alley of Barkor, the heart of old Tibetan Lhasa. Part restaurant and teahouse, the guesthouse features 9 individually styled rooms, all simply yet tastefully decorated with traditional furnishings and art. Yoga is on offer and views from the rooftop terrace are inspirational. This can be described as a boutique hotel because of its size and style rather than for being luxurious, and the fact that it captures the character of the location.

  • Style: Teahouse
  • Location: Lhasa
  • No. of Rooms: 9
  • Key Features: Dakini Room Restaurant, Terrace Teahouse, Bookshop Cafe, Tibetan Tantric Spa
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