Tadoba National Park derives its name from the local tribal God "Taru" who, according to legend, died whilst fighting a tiger here. The tribal elders erected a shrine in his memory under a large tree on the shores of Lake Tadoba - giving rise to the name ‘Tadoba’ for the local jungle. Tadoba National Park (around 116 square kms) and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary (around 509 square kms) together form the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. Although the major attraction is the tiger as Tadoba has one of the highest tiger densities in India (recent estimates indicate around 64 tigers roam an area of rich jungle spread over 625 square kilometres), other interesting animals are to be found here such as leopard, sloth bear, gaur (Indian bison), rusty spotted cat, ratel, Indian mouse deer, spotted deer, sambar, wild pig, four horned antelope and the flying squirrel. There are also over 195 species of birds which include the crested serpent eagle, honey buzzard, paradise flycatcher, grey-headed fishing eagle and the shy jungle fowl.

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