Leopard Trails, Yala

Opened in 2012, the Leopard Trails camp delivers one of the most memorable ways to experience safari in Sri Lanka. The small camp consists of 8 very comfortable African safari style tents, each with their own king size bed, toilet, basin and outside or inside shower. Although from time to time the location changes, (it is a mobile camp), it is always situated just a stone's throw away from the Yala National Park boundary, perfect for being the first safari jeep into the park in the mornings, something that the highly qualified Leopard Trails safari guides pride themselves on. At the Leopard Trails camp all meals and drinks, including a fully stocked bar, are included and the delicious food is one of the highlights of a stay here. There is a central dining tent which also has comfortable chairs and a small library which guests can use, but in the evenings most people prefer to sit in a lounger under the stars by the crackling camp fire.

  • Style: Luxury Tented Camp
  • Location: Yala National Park
  • No. of Rooms: 8
  • Key Features: Dining area, All meals & complimentary bar, Library Camp fire, Comfortable safari jeep, Expert safari guide

Our Opinion

Superb service, food and overall luxury camping experience make a stay at Leopard Trails truly memorable!

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