Highlights of Northern Sri Lanka

The last frontier for traveller to Sri Lanka, richly rewarding for those wanting to escape the beaten path. Northern Sri Lanka is by far the least-visited region of the island. It has a long and difficult history and for many decades was totally off-limits to travellers due to the civil war. Now safe and peaceful, it offers unforgettable experiences for the more intrepid traveller. Jaffna is a bright and colourful town, and the undisputed capital for Sri Lankan Tamils. The string of islands off its coast make an intriguing day out, as does a trip to Mannar Island. 

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Jaffna Fort
Jaffna is the largest Northern town and the unofficial capital for Sri Lankan Tamils. Entering Jaffna can feel like visiting a different country, and it has a noticeable South Indian feel; from the tall and vivid Hindu temples to the sharp intonations of Tamil speakers, this is definitely a different experience from the rest of the island.
Hindu Temple, Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Driving away from Jaffna, you will come across a string of islands leading out into the Laccadive Sea. The islands are linked by a series of ramshackle causeways, and contain a smattering of deserted houses and small shrines.