Highlights of The Musandam Peninsula

Separated from the rest of Oman by a thin strap of UAE territory, the Musandam peninsula is famed for its unusual scenery. With an extraordinary tapestry of fljords (known as khors), islands, rugged mountains and remote beaches to explore, this is an area of wilderness often overlooked and among our favourite places in the whole gulf region. 

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Dubai Frame
A glitzy and glamourous city full of fashionable shops and restaurants and surrounded by coastline and desert, it is not hard to see why Dubai has become known as ‘the playground of the Middle East’.
Fjord from the top, Jebel Harim
Musandam is perhaps best known for the khors in the far north, but a visit to the peninsula is not complete without a look around the mountainous interior which boasts some of the most rugged and wildest landscapes in all of Oman. 
As the main town of the Musandam peninsula, Khasab is a lively little place reached on a short flight from Muscat or an easy drive from Dubai. Due to its location at the top of the peninsula, it has been heavily influenced over the years by traders from Iran as well as Portuguese settlers. 
Six Senses Zighy Bay
A three-hour drive south from Khasab or a slightly shorter journey across the border from Dubai is the small coastal village of Zaghi, home to the spectacular Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort.