Highlights of Salalah & the Empty Quarter

Some 1000km from Muscat, the city of Salalah with its east African influences and tropical climate is strikingly different. The city is an interesting cultural melting pot and the wider region has some of finest beaches in the country. Salalah is also the best access point to the vast and relentless Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali) desert.

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Landscape, Salalah
Salalah is Oman’s second largest city and the culture found here is an exotic mixture of Arabia and East Africa, quite different from Muscat which is around 1000km away. It is known by some as the ‘city of gardens’ due to the abundant banana plantations and coconut palms.
The empty quarter
The Rub Al Khali desert encompasses about a third of the whole Arabian Peninsula, taking up much of Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, it is romantically known as ‘The Empty Quarter’.