Located in the very centre of Sulawesi, the enchanting Lake Poso is Indonesia’s third largest lake, and one of the world’s deepest measuring over 500m at the maximum point. The lake’s waters are warm and crystal clear and bordered with soft white and golden sands. Rolling hills covered with thick rainforest surround the lake in the distance, which are an important habitat for a huge variety of bird life, and animal species including the dwarf buffalo, babirusa and tarsier. The towns of Tentena and Pendolo are located at the northern and southern ends of the lake, and local villages and farmsteads growing rice, cloves, vanilla, and other exotic produce line the shores. Set at an altitude of 515m above sea level, and with cool breezes off the mountains, Lake Poso benefits from a climate of mild tropical days and cool nights. Popular activities in the area include nature hikes in the hills and surrounding rainforests, visiting the impressive Saluopa waterfalls and swimming in the lake.

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