Highlights of Ulaan Baatar Area

Mongolia’s capital offers modern transport links and is an interesting place to spend a few days when preparing for a trip to more remote parts of the country. For those planning a shorter stay in Mongolia, Ulaan Baatar provides a comfortable base from which to explore the nearby National Parks of Terelj and Hustain Nuuruu. There are also several interactive programmes and events that can be arranged from the capital, including the Nomads Lifestyle Programme to experience the routines of the locals or a visit to a living day 13th Century Historical Park.

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The Khustai Nuruu National Park is located 60 miles to the west of Ulaan Baatar and is an area of green pastures, undulating hills and streams. The park is run by a Mongolian conservation association with co-operation from a Dutch foundation, who in 1993 successfully re-introduced the Mongolian Wild Horse to its native habitat at Khustai Nuruu.
Located just 50 miles from Ulaan Baatar, Terelj is a popular retreat for the residents of the capital, and those looking for a day trip from their hotel in the capital. A visit to Terelj is the perfect introduction to Mongolia, with alpine landscape of green pastures and rocky outcrops that is as wild and beautiful as the remotest parts of the country.
Ulaanbaatar was founded in 1778 in a broad valley near the River Tuul, flanked by hills carpeted in pine forests, and was made up of thousands of felt tents or gers, and several temples. Although gers still fringe the city today, Ulaan Baatar is now a bustling metropolis with a good range of accommodation and there is an interesting selection of restaurants, shops, art galleries, theatres and nightclubs.